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Desivar Global (DG) is a mineral exploration and development company which also exports commodities to a global market. The firm is managed thorough its London office, with the operational arm located in Nigeria, where the locating and mining of raw mineral ores has led to their transformation into the production of thousands of everyday products which meet industrial needs.


Desivar Global (DG) aims to maximise the overall return to its shareholders by sustainably finding, mining and processing mineral resources and expand on our exportation of solid mineral ores onto the world market.5

We take seriously our commitment of business in mining, development of social and sustainable ore bodies is key to our core business.

Management overview

DG benefits from its strong management team and board. With a proven knowledge of the African mining structure and project management in emerging markets we intend to deliver superior returns to our investors by employing a sustainable and responsible approach to our commercial activities. DG is committed to its core belief and values which have enabled us to partner effectively with Gravita India. DG also aims to build upon this sound foundation by concentrating on the development of first class ore bodies and efficient mining operations to ensure “scalable” operations toward being viewed as a long-term business.      

As we move forward as a business our management team will grow, bringing on board the best skilled professionals to drive and deliver DG aims and objectives.

Desivar Global Group Board